Vaasa region is a center of entrepreneurship and energy technology that works in international networks. Know how in technology and international work force makes this region important to Finland.

Vaasa region is one of Finland’s strongest export regions. The proportion of export businesses to the population, as well as exports per capita are among the highest in Finland. A full 80 per cent of the region’s production is exported. This shows that local companies are good at listening to their customers and reacting to their needs.

The confidence and trust between people and companies are exceptionally strong. Networks function well, and hundreds of subcontractors get their products onto worldwide markets through large global export companies operating in the area. The hospitable microclimate for entrepreneurial activities forms the foundation for growth, while the energy technology cluster makes the region a global growth area. True bilingualism has proved to offer an excellent basis for internationalism. Vaasa region is today one of the most international regions in Finland, in terms of the number of nationalities working and studying here.

The Finnish government has given Vaasa the task to lead the development of sustainable energy solutions throughout the country. The mission contains an explicitly global aspect – we need to create solutions that work throughout the world.