Expert on export

Viexpo acts as a mentor, guide and facilitator

_MG_1627_VIEXPO_380x380Viexpo is the export advisor that can offer good counseling on the basics of export as well as hands-on and resolute guidance.

We focus on SMEs”, says Hakan Forss, CEO of Viexpo. It is mostly about supporting and helping the entrepreneurs on an individual level. There are many small businesses in our region, and often one person fills many roles. Sometimes it is most important to be available and offer concrete advice on how to present material at an international exhibition: how to design the exhibition stand, and how to generate interest.

The so -called export groups are another highly appreciated service that Viexpo offers. The idea is that many smaller businesses join forces and Viexpo provides them with a joint export manager.

The goal is that the companies will manage to hold their own in the international market, after we have helped them cross the threshold, Forss explains.

To establish oneself on the global market there is one golden rule to follow:

It is essential to do one’s homework. A long-term, systematic and carefully managed buildup is what it takes, Forss points out. The export market is in a state of constant flux. A few years ago Asia was trending, but now we are seeing the pendulum swing towards our neighbouring countries. Besides Germany, Sweden and Norway are also very interesting export targets right now, Forss says.

Eastern Europe together with the new EU-countries constitute a new and interesting market, too.

One must remember that we also function as a gateway to Ostrobothnia, even though that is not our primary task. Our contact network is vast, and we guarantee that we can point outside actors to the right producer.