Finding a location in the Vaasa region

The population growth in Ostrobothnia is particularly apparent in the Vaasa region. This trend increases purchasing power and provides excellent opportunities to expand the service sector.

Vaasa city center is the region’s commercial hub, and for this reason the city’s centre is the other main area for development. As the city centre continues to expand towards the northeast, the area between it and Kivihaka becomes increasingly urbanised, and the city centre will shortly be joined with Smedsby centre in Korsholm.

The commercial service network in the Vaasa region is more comprehensive than the Finnish national average. Retail business thrives both in the central municipal areas and in the different residential areas

The new commercial centres offer companies competitive locations with good communications in the city centre, Kivihaka, the crossing area by the highway, and at the junction of the Porintie road in Vikby, Korsholm.

Where can I find a place for my company?

You can search for suitable business sites and facilities in all of the region’s municipalities in different companies’ and municipalities’ web sites. Both offices and industrial facilities are available:

The city of Vaasa offers business sites of different sizes and located in different districts. In the Vaasa Region Logistics Park (NLC Vaasa) there are large business sites while the Laajametsä Business Park offers also smaller sites for builders. In Vähäkyrö district you will find central business sites in Merikaarto, the Vähäkyrö village centre, and in Tervajoki. Tervajoki is Ostrobothnia’s centre for automotive outlets, and is located next to the lively highway 18.

In the register of business facilities in Vaasa region (in finnish), there is a broad selection of immediately and soon-to-be vacant production facilities and offices.

Palosaaren Yrityskeskus Oy offers business facilities mainly in Palosaari, and at the university campus area, but also in various other areas in Vaasa.

In Korsholm there are five well-planned business centres with good communications: the Fågelberget, Replot, Smedsby and Vikby (I & II) Business Centres.

In Isokyrö there are large business and industrial sites in both Tervajoki and Valtaala.

In Korsnäs there are currently approximately 500 industrial and service companies, fur ranches, commercial greenhouses, and farms. There are vacant sites in the centrally situated Korsnäs industrial area.

The municipality of Laihia has an excellent location near railway and highway junction (highway 3 and Kyröntie), near Port of Vaasa and logistics services at the Vaasa airport. Different kind of business facilities and industrial citers are vacant.

Malax offers high-class business and industrial sites in Norra Brinken industrial area in Yttermalax. Distance to Vaasa harbor and airport is only 16 kilometers.

In Vörå more than 200 companies are established. In Oravais there are sites in the Öjskog industrial area.

In cas eyou need more information or advice in finding a location for your business, please contact Vaasa Region Development Company VASEK.