Ensuring global connections

The logistics of the Vaasa region are developed according to global needs, since many of the region’s companies function globally. The focus of our work lies both in the needs of today and the future. We want to ensure that we can get to places around the world and that the region is easily accessible for others.

NLC_Kartta_760x760In a country like Finland, that’s dependent on exports, the logistical costs affect the country’s competitevness significantly. Operating in Finland shouldn’t be more expensive than operating in other countries. One third of Finland’s export within energy technology comes from Vaasa. The exported items consist of everything between big diesel engines to smaller electronic components and machine parts.

One of Finland’s busiest airports is located in Vaasa and Vaasa’s harbour has for a long time been an important node for passengers and freight on its way to Sweden. The region also works hard to keep the roads and the railway in good condition. The railway from Vaasa to Seinäjoki has been electrifyed and the roads to Helsinki and Turku are continuosly improved. A big logistic area and a separate logistic centre for air freight are under construction close to the airport.

At the moment the Vaasa region’s focus lies on improving the Kvarken traffic and the connections between Finland, Sweden and Norway. A lot of this is being done in cooperation with Umeå. The Nordic Logistic Corridor is a good example of the ongoing work, since it combines the development of roads, railway and sea way for both passengers and freight.

The Vaasa region follows closely what’s going on in the North, since we want to know how the traffic flows will change ones things can be shipped along the sea way between Russia and North America.

The Northern harbours of Norway make the Nordic Logistic Corridor count. The significance of these harbours will balloon when the amount of traffic between Russia and North America grows. Traditionally the traffic has been concentrated to logistic nodes in Southern Finland, but in the future it’s possible that the railway traffic will be concentrated to harbours in Northern Russia. That’s when we want to be prepaired, says Anna Måtts, Logistics Expert at Vaasa Region Development Company VASEK.

Want to find out more about the Vaasa region’s logistic strategy? Contact the Logistic Experts of Vaasa Region Development Company VASEK.