Two ports form one strong

As from 2015 the Port of Vaasa and the Port of Umeå form the joint company Kvarken Ports Ltd. The expanded joint operations will contribute to enhancing the efficiency and strengthening the business development of the ports, as well as strengthen the transport routes in the Kvarken region. Kvarken Ports is jointly owned by the City of Vaasa and Umeå Kommunföretag AB.

Vaasan satama.

The Port of Vaasa has a strategic location with only ten kilometers between the port and the international airport and close proximity to the expressway and the railway. The port also offers the most northern year-round passage between two countries by sea to Umeå. The Port of Vaasa handles 1.5 million tons of goods per year. Currently, the cargo handling mostly consists of import and export of fuel, agricultural products and products from the wood and chemical industries.

The aim is to become the number one Energy Port in Ostrobothnia, and to act as a link in the development of the region’s energy industry.  The Port of Vaasa has been upgraded with a Ro-Ro-ramp, as well as an increased number of cranes and warehouses in order to meet the customers’ needs. Furthermore, the port participates actively in the improvement of effective logistics solutions, as for example the development of the port’s railway connections. The port is a part of the Nordic Logisitc Corridor, which stretches from Finland in the East to Norway in the West. The Port of Vaasa is Ostrobothnia’s sole passenger port. The focus for passenger traffic is on conceptualization, new services and new products.