Special transports – giants on the road

VASEK. Erikoiskuljetus Vaasan keskustassa, Vöyrinkadulla.When road and rail transports are developed in the Vaasa region, special transports are high up on the priority list. Special transports are heavier, wider, higher, and longer than normal loads. The majority of the special transports seen in the Vaasa region carry goods produced by the region’s industry, as for example transformers and diesel motors.

The co-operation between the industry, transport companies, and the organizations that maintain the roads must be seamless, so that the industry’s heavy objects can be delivered to their end-destinations – safely, and on time.

Highway number 8 runs through Ostrobothnia, and it’s classified as a national special transport route. The carrying capacity and underpasses, as well as crossroad widths, electrical wires and portal altitudes enable transportations of large and heavy objects along the route. Heavy machines and devices, prefabricated houses, boats and products from the metal industry are some examples of goods transported along highway number 8. Moreover, the share of transports of wind mill components is growing, when wind mills are built in Ostrobothnia.