Effective logistics is the strength of the region


Tiina Haapala had already behind her a long career as transport manager at Wärtsilä when she realized that there are other things in need of transportation than just motors. AHA Logistics was established in 2010, and it is the only company in Finland with female employees only. Is male dominance in the energy sector just a myth? Can a local company do well in global competition? We asked the logistics lady of the region to reveal her route to success.


“Once you’ve entered the logistics sector, there is no way out. The work is varied, challenging and pleasant; I still get to learn new things every day. When I started, there were not that many forwarding companies in Vaasa. The situation is different now. We’ve got drive. There’s a lot of know-how in the SME-sector that is useful for other industries as well. Effective logistics open doors. Everyone should remember to be proud and to look around with their heads up high.”


“It is true that the energy sector is dominated by males, especially when it comes to managers and projects. But there are lots of women doing the operative work. We just happen to be so good and able to work on multiple tasks at the same time. Plus that we are precise and conscientious. A woman sees exactly the same things as a man does. What’s more, a woman can always flutter her eyelashes if needed in the harbor, that can be useful sometimes!”


“Because of the energy industry, our competitors are global and not just Finnish forwarding companies. However, I find it important that the Finnish buy from the Finnish and in that way the money stays here. Our main office is in Vaasa and it will stay here. Favorable salary level, short way to work, entrepreneur-friendly atmosphere and bilingualism all make it so excellent. It is a long way from here out to the world but so is it from the rest of Finland.”