Everything within 10 kilometers


The founder of WE Tech, Mårten Storbacka, has made a long career in the large energy technology companies in the Vaasa region. During this time he has worked around the world, mainly in marine industry. We asked Mårten, who really has sailed the seven seas, for his opinion on the international networks in the Vaasa region. Can even a small company go international?

International growth opportunities

“I often say that I don’t know how to do business in Finland but I do know how to do it abroad. I am used to the international way of doing business and how big companies do it. At WE Tech we adopted the same style from the very beginning. Even though we started out really small, building up networks was surprisingly straight forward. Our subcontractors are much larger than us but they saw that these guys have a vision and the means to realize it. We instantly got to negotiate how we together can solve the customers’ challenges.”

Cross-boundary cooperation

“We provide our customers with proven, effective solutions. We apply technology from other fields, from wind power for example, and tailor it individually for each ship. Our pattern of cooperation is based on the fact that all technology can be found in our region, right in the neighbor. We build packages containing the product companies’ products and connect a “brain” to them. In my opinion, this works brilliantly. When the subcontractors have the responsibility for the psychological side of the products as well as for the switches and buttons, we can concentrate working on bigger pictures.

Everything within a radius of 10 km

“Vaasa region has a very high level of global knowledge. This is a natural place to be when you want to work with energy technology. The energy cluster means that great competence and technology exist within a radius of ten kilometers. On a world-scale, we are pioneers because we genuinely collaborate in many areas. Our strong network contains both large and small companies. We are easy to approach and easy to collaborate with. Our knowledge of languages is a great asset for those who wish to become successful in Northern Europe. This is a fabulous place also in that sense that the universities provide us with excellent workforce.”