Vaasa region

Thousands of happy stories

There’s something special about energy in Vaasa Region. Here energy is a renewable resource that is found in the industry, in the nature and in the people. Can you feel it? Come to Vaasa and mix up different ingredients of happiness, for example fantastic nature, quality time with friends and great jobs.

Leading in exports

The sea has left a stronger stamp on the Vaasa region than any other element. Only 500 years ago much of today’s Vaasa was still covered by water. A region that emerged from the sea has foreign trade in its blood. The sea laid the foundation for today’s exceptionally high export figures and dynamic business activities. Vaasa region is a global key player in technological efforts to curb global warming. It might be the region’s unique nature that inspires the regions people to develop globally appreciated energy technology solutions.

One in a million

The rapid land rise following the last Ice Age has formed a natural environment so unique it has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage site. What a setting for living a long and international life! No wonder some 1000 people decide annually to move here and that many decide to experience the region as tourists. The region invests a lot in leisure and there’s an abundance of cultural, sports and other activities for all ages. The region’s 20 000 students pick up the latest trends and make the region look youthful and fresh.

The Vaasa region has traditionally been open to the world. A great deal of the region’s 120 000 inhabitants are bilingual. Officially 59 % speak Finnish 36 % Swedish and the rest all other languages.  The share of immigrants is one of the highest in all of Finland, and foreign citizens are well integrated in business and labour.