Five great ways to explore the Kvarken Archipelago

TOP5 tips by Kvarken world heritage Customer Service Director, hunting and nature guide Samuli Kaivonen

Best ways to enjoy Kvarken nature heritage site

1. Get the facts from Terranova

Start your visit in Terranova, Kvarken Nature Center.  There you can get all the facts about the area before you go and see the nature in your very own eyes.”

2. Learn about the De Geer morains

The De Geer moraines of the Kvarken you see best by visiting observation tower Saltkaret in Svedjehamn. As well as the moraines you can observe the bird life. Maybe you can see the white-tailed eagle as well.

3. Take a cruise

In the summertime you can experience the outer archipelago easily in a World Heritage Cruise. The guides on the boat know the region, and especially the lighthouse cruises to Norrskär or Valassaaret are fantastic.

4. Take a ride with a bike or go paddling

Truly outdoorsy people get to know the world heritage site by paddling or on a fishing trip. The best alternative that suits everybody is a bike trip with a world heritage bike. On your bike trip you can see the lively villages and enjoy coffee and perhaps salmon sandwich in one of the idyllic cafés or restaurants in the archipelago.

5. Travel accross the sea

Take a slightly bigger boat and travel with Wasaline to Sweden  and see the High Coast which is the opposite of the low lands of Kvarken. Together they form a perfect example of how the land rising forms the landscape.