Be active

Try something new, it's worth it!

Spending your spare time in the Vaasa region is easy and interesting. If you wish to be active, we have a lot of different clubs and organizations for all kinds of hobbies.

If you take pleasure in going out in to the nature, then the Vaasa region is like a lottery winning for you. Explore the beautiful walks along the city coast line, or go on the fun exercise paths and more challenging marked walks. Our cycle ways are also in great condition. The ocean gives you a variety of spare time possibilities, like fishing, boating, paddling, snowmobiling on the ice and winter swimming.

The cultural life is also rich. We invest in culture per inhabitant more than the rest of Finland. You can for example participate in courses to develop your hand crafting skills, or go to two of the cities theatres to see a nice play. The region’s different clubs and associations also have something going on year around.

If you want to enjoy music, you can go to one of the small, intimate band gigs that are arranged around the city. Like reading? The region has a lot of libraries, which makes you want to read even more. Did you know that Finland’s first public library was placed in Vaasa? You can also learn Finnish or Swedish by the tandem method, which means that two individuals with different native languages teach each other their own native language.

Be brave and try something new! Here you can find a few options.