Fishery Day, Whitefish and Baltic Herring Market

25 % of all professional fishers in Finland do their fishing in Ostrobothnia.

When talking about fish in the Vaasa region, it’s good to know a few important facts. A large fish market takes place in Vaasa’s Inner Harbour by the Kuntsi Museum of Modern Art. Sometimes people erroneously call it Kalaranta, but the official and historic Kalaranta is located by the Vaskiluoto bridge. So take care when organising to meet a friend at one of these places!

Kalastuksen päivät, Vaasa. Kalastuksen päivät, Vaasa. Kalastuksen päivät, Vaasa.

Many residents of the region also go shopping for fish by the Replot bridge, where you can buy fresh fish directly from fishermen.   One of the largest fish-related events in the region is the Fishery Day, organised by the Ostrobothnian Fisheries Association. Fresh fish, all kinds of products for fish and fishing, great music and filleting presentations attract more than 10,000 visitors to the Vaasa Inner Harbour every year. The event is free, but very few people go home empty handed. After all, who could resist the golden Baltic herring caught in Sundom, the stout smoked perch from the Kvarken or herring seasoned with sea buckthorns? Every year in September, the Lions Club Vaasa Meri organises a Baltic herring and whitefish market that not only fills the Inner Harbour, but spills over to the square in the centre of town as well. The Inner Harbour is the place to buy fish, whereas the square offers a more traditional market atmosphere.