Magical Events in Every Season

Stundars is a large museum area and a living cultural centre in Korsholm. The museum area contains about sixty buildings: an old-fashioned country shop, school, peasant house and crafts workshop. The Stundars Association manages the museum area and its most important task is to promote and nurture local culture.

IMG_3726_760x760People living in the Vaasa region know Stundars particularly for its charming markets and other fun events. For many families, the summer-time Children’s Banquet and Artisans’ Day and the autumn and Christmas markets are traditions not to be missed. The mere thought of Stundars’ famous freshly baked doughnuts draws people in.

The Children’s Banquet offers kids fun new experiences: they can try their hand at felting, carving boats out of bark, blowing soap bubbles, climbing an obstacle course, solving old-time riddles and driving a tractor. Every visitor feels like an Emil of Lönneberga or a Bullerby child at the Children’s Banquet – that’s how magical the atmosphere is! The autumn market is a great place to buy crafts and locally produced food and to meet friends and acquaintances. The Christmas market is the place to buy new woolly socks for the whole family and a new sheaf of oats for the birds in your garden.

The events at Stundars are always a delight: the association carries them out with love and reverence for traditional values.