Sports that will keep you moving

Vaasa, Vepsu. Junioritoimintaa monitoimikentällä ja kisat Vaasan torilla.

Vaasa is a city of sports, which applies both for enthusiasts and for those who only want to watch.

The region offers the possibility to do a variety of different sports regardless of how talented you are. We have sports halls, gyms, several outside fields, ski tracks and a golf course with 27 holes.

Vaasa is known for two sports in Finland: soccer and ice hockey. Whenever there is a game, both of these two sports can be seen in the city’s street scene. There are jackets, caps, t-shirts and sweats everywhere with the logos of Vaasan Palloseura (the soccer team) and Vaasan Sport (the ice hockey team).

During the winter we talk about Vaasan Sport and in the summer the discussion topic is Vaasan Palloseura. The fact that Vaasan Sport got into Finland’s hockey league hasn’t passed anyone who is interested in ice hockey. And the feel in the ice stadium is legendary whenever there is a home game. When Vaasan Sport has a game in some other city, their fans rent buses to go and cheer their team to a win. And when Vaasan Palloseura has a home game the football stadium in Hietalahti fills up with fans in black and white stripes.