Living in Vaasa region

One of the world’s best places

The Vaasa region is one of Finland’s strongest regions and Finland is one of the world’s best countries to inhabit. This can mean only one thing: the Vaasa region is one of the world’s best places.

Does this sound like excessive bragging?

Let us share some facts with you. Our unemployment rate is the lowest in Finland, here people live longer and the region has a strong economy compared to other Finnish regions. No matter what positive data about Finland you decide to look at, the Vaasa region will be in the leading edge.

The fact that the people in our region live longer than in the rest of the country tells something about their well-being. The women in Osthrobothnia live the longest and the region’s residents are healthier than in other parts of Finland.

Here everything goes as in the popular lifestyle tv-series Strömsö. Maybe that’s because Strömsö is being filmed right here in the Vaasa region.