Korsholm and Finland’s longest bridge


The municipality of Korsholm encircles Vaasa. Korsholms history can be traced all the way to the 13th Century.

Most of UNESCO’s World Heritage Site the Kvarken Archipelago is located in Korsholm. Finland’s longest bridge Replot bron and a meteorite crater named Söderfjärden, that came about 520 million years ago, can also be found here.

Korsholms neighbor municipalities are Laihia, Malax, Vaasa and Vörå. The municipality’s land area grows with about 20 hectares a year because the land rises from the sea.

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The Kvarken Archipelago
The Replotbron bridge
Open-air museum Stundars
Meteorite crater Söderfjärden
Botniahallen sports hall