Korsnäs – continental Finland’s westernmost municipality

The municipality of Korsnäs has a lot of small businesses, since almost 50 % of the municipality’s population, within working age, are entrepreneurs. A large part of the entrepreneurs are fur breeders, farmers or vegetable growers. Korsnäs is continental Finland’s westernmost municipality. The municipality is known for a special piece of clothing, the Korsnäs sweater, which the population knitted at the end of the 19th century. One sweater used to be made by three women, who knitted at once. Today the sweater has made a comeback.

About 2 000 years ago Korsnäs was still under water. Korsnäs’ neighbouring municipalities are Närpes in the south and Malax in the north.

Visit Korsnäs website.Moikipää, Molpe.


Finland’s first wind farm was erected here
Lantdagen (farmers day)
Streetrace, during which the municipality’s main road is closed for a few hours
The Korsnäs sweater