The heart of the region is municipalities

Katunäkymiä Vaasassa.

On the map you’ll find the Vaasa region in the westernmost part of the country.

The region is composed of seven municipalities, and has a total population of approximately 120 000, of which slightly more than half live in the city of Vaasa. The municipality with the smallest population is the enterprising and feisty municipality of Korsnäs, with a population of just above 2 200.

The length of the region is just over 100 km and has a width of about 60 km, which means it is a close commuting area and travel distances aren’t spoiled with excessive lengths.

Most of the municipalities are connected to the sea and there are hundreds of kilometers of beautiful coastline thanks to the fragmented archipelago. The rising coastline gives an increase of about 150 football fields to the land area every year.

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