Isokyrö – historical pearl

The municipality of Isokyrö has about 4 900 inhabitants and it’s located between two regional centers. The distance from Isokyrö to Lapua, Seinäjoki and Vaasa is 40 km. The municipality offers all basic services, and within a half hour drive radius there are 100 000 jobs.

The belief in oneself and entrepreneurship is strong. The municipality has several businesses that work with metal, aluminium and plastic.  The municipality is also full of interesting historic attractions. The area is known as the Nordic scene for the Finnish National Epos “Kalevala”. When visiting Isokyrö the traveler can be sure to find Ostrobothnia’s historical roots!

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Kyrö Disillery Company
A church that’s built in the early 1300s
The 1700s market
Orisberg chapel (designed by C.L. Engel)
Dance- and camping place Kalliojärvi