Malax – archipelago and gluttons


The archipelago municipality of Malax is located 25 km south from the city of Vaasa.

The people of Malax are often called gluttons. The nickname comes from an old story, which tells about a farm owner who went to work in the woods in order to make some tar-wood. The farm owner was supposed to work for a week, but he ate all the food he had packed with him before he even got to the work site.

Malax became an independent parish in 1607. The municipality celebrated its 400th jubilee year in couple of years ago. Malax’ neighbouring municipalities are Korsnäs, Kurikka, Laihia, Korsholm, Närpes and Vaasa.


Pappadagis (daddy-daycare)
Malaxlimpa (loaf of dark, sweet bread)
Art workshop Malakta
Easy to get a business property
Rural environment only a 15 minutes’ drive from the city of Vaasa