Vörå is steeped in history

Finland became a part of the Russian empire when the empire defeated the Kingdom of Sweden at the battle of Oravais in 1808.The battle took place in what today is the Vörå municipality.

Compared to the municipality’s relatively small size it offers an extensive range of sports facilities, and here you’ll also find Finland’s only Swedish sports oriented upper secondary school.

The current municipality of Vörå was formed in 2011 after a merger of two municipalities. When it comes to the reception and integration of immigrants, the municipality of Vörå is a forerunner in Finland.

A lively cultural life is guaranteed because of the active voluntary work done in organizations and associations. Music schools, singing choirs, museum associations, folk dance groups, art clubs, genealogist clubs and community researchers, just to mention a few.


Finland’s oldest wooden church still in use
Oravais stone park
Humor band KAJ
Tottesund mansion
Hällnäs marina and bridge