The region in numbers

When you observe the Vaasa region in the lights of statistics, the prospects are exceptionally positive. The region has left many bigger cities behind, even when measured with several different meters. Or what do you say about these facts: the people in the Vaasa region are ill far less than people in the rest of the country. And under the last years there have arisen substantially more new work places in the industry, unlike in the rest of Finland.

To these pages we have gathered the five best statistics of the Vaasa region. These stats cover the topics which are the most important to the regions life force and to the happiness of the inhabitants. The stats cover work force development, well-being, human capital and the energy cluster, and the columns in these stats are exceptionally high and the curves positive.

Life force and attractiveness

Strömsö, Vaasa.The success of the business life reflects its light even in the other stats. Thanks to the largest energy cluster in the Nordic countries Vaasa region has plenty of vacancies, wealth and know-how. As a result the inhabitants feel good and the population in the region continues to grow.

The population growth in the Vaasa region is very fast. Especially thanks to versatile possibilities to study or work. There are much more open vacancies if you compare to other cities, and the unemployment rates are the lowest in the whole country.

The population is also exceptionally youthful, because more and more young people stay in the Vaasa region. The big age groups do get older, but at the same time the younger generations start families and give birth to new inhabitants. The population is therefore on the positive side after all!

Happiness and know-how

The human capital is enthusiastically developed in the Vaasa region, both in the personal and in the business life. Every fourth inhabitant has a higher education degree, and also the companies really want to develop. Did you know that most of the companies that invest the most in the research and product development in Finland are from the Vaasa region? Several of them are grown to be world market leaders in their own field.

Also the balance between incomes and expenses is a one factor which increases the well-being of the inhabitants. If you compare with the bigger cities, in Vaasa region you earn more money, but the living expenses are lower.

The social networks in the Vaasa region are tight and friends are close. Even the nature around is beyond compare: the Kvarken archipelago is the only Unesco nature heritage site in Finland.

Maybe all this good we have here has eventually impact also on the peoples physical well-being – the people in the region are healthier than in the rest of the country and they live longer.

The stats know it all: In Vaasa everything pulls off like in Strömsö – the TV-program filmed in Vaasa where nothing ever goes wrong!