Expert on Energy Technology

VASEK. Vaasan energiaklusterin yritykset edustettuina.The Vaasa region has become an economic small giant of Finland, thanks to its cluster of energy technology companies. No wonder, since the cluster consists of 140 companies with a combined turnover of 4,4 billion euros. The energy technology field is global. More than 80 percent of the cluster’s services and products are exported.

Vaasa has even been called Finland’s capital of energy and export. A pretty tough nickname for a city this size, but the arguments that speak for the nickname are even tougher. The region’s inhabitants make up for only two percent of Finland’s entire population, but answer to one third of Finland’s total export within energy technology.

The region’s energy technology companies employ 10 000 people, of which 1 000 do development work. Vaasa has Finland’s highest industrial value added per inhabitant. This means that when the region’s companies do their magic on raw materials and components, the value of these raw materials and components multiplies.

The success of EnergyVaasa affects the whole region. When looking at the region’s population growth, the attraction of the region or its economical situation, the region ensconces itself on a silver place right after Helsinki.