New vacancies are sprang up in record speed

Do you need a job? Even if the economic situations vary, new vacancies have been opening in the Vaasa region in record speed. Especially in the industry Vaasa has all the time been the bright number one in Finland with almost 1 400 new posts. Vantaa had to settle for the second place with only 300 new posts.

When you put in line all 36 cities in Finland, the amount of posts in Vaasa region has been growing the 7th fastest. The growth is biggest in the health and social sector, in the industry and in the education and also in wholesale and retail business.

Despite the economic recession the local businesses believe in the future. One proof of that is the large investments in the R&D. The companies in the Vaasa region invest in research and development as much as 150 million euros per year. The sum has even grown with 144 % from the previous years. You can expect that the hard development work generates new businesses in the future and new vacancies too.