Smart and skillful people  

Vaasan kesäyliopisto, Miia Äkkinen.The people in the Vaasa region are very sensible. This can be said at least when analyzing the region’s level of education. Every fourth inhabitant has a master’s degree in higher education. Compared to the rest of Finland, the amount of educated inhabitants is the fifth best in our region.

The schools that offer higher education degree programs have over 30 different programs to choose from. The region is truly international, which means that the students can study in three different languages: Finnish, Swedish and English. Our sophisticated inhabitants can continue evolving at their jobs, since the unemployment rate in Vaasa is the third lowest in the country.

The region’s schools co-operate tightly together with companies in the region, by arranging practical training, research projects, and investments in laboratories, and so on. The co-operation in the region is so smooth that the level of sophistication just continues to grow!