IoT is here to stay


 “I don’t know which way it was, did I choose this business or did the business choose me? says Pasi Tuominen, who started his career already as a little boy, building radio transmitters in secret. His desire for adventure never vanished, and in 1998, he amazed the local newspaper with a coffee maker that was connected to the internet. The next step was the founding of the software company Wapice, which continues to thrive. Pasis visit to Vaasa was planned to last only a year but the energy technology capital of Finland became his home. We asked the web wizard to comment on hot topics in the energy business from an IT viewpoint.

The Internet of Things

“In Vaasa, we realized where the ship was headed as early as 20 years ago. Since then, we have focused on our core competence and lifted it on a whole new, high level. In the first years our clients were suspicious and thought that the IoT will come “someday”. The televisions, washing machines, computers, tablets, smartphones and electricity meters of today prove that the IoT is here to stay. The next step will be to measure people, their movements and exercise. I would say that instead of technology, it is now the imagination that sets the boundaries.”


“No one does anything all by themselves but instead contributes with their competence. An IT-partner works at the heart of business activities and is at the same time involved in everything. That is why close customer relations are extremely important. Wapice is an important link in the region’s energy network. Our mission is to be a global, continuously improving actor who can keep up the effectiveness in the customer’s core business.”

Big data

“IoT has made the consumption, transfer and production of energy highly interesting. We can, for example, steer energy consumption by its stock market price function, remotely monitor water usage, visualize how electrical meters function or show the customer how geothermal energy can be transferred into profit. Different energy forms can be combined even more smoothly and in more diverse ways to collect information and create big data. Through cross-pollination we can create new combinations and observe new trends as well as cause and effect relationships.

Outsourcing competence

“The employees at Wapice come from more than 20 countries which makes us a very multicultural and global organization. I strongly believe that it is in the interests of any company to keep your IT partner close to you. Cumulative information in product development in particular plays such a massive role that your local partner is of key importance.”

Energy capital of Finland

“I highly appreciate the international character of Vaasa that is based on hard and smart work. People who live in Vaasa take multilingualism for granted but in fact it is a characteristic. Vaasa also represents one the most significant competence clusters in Finland. We have genuine industrial knowledge, in many layers and in many areas. Those who come here to work, find it a great place to network.