Metal sector’s success owes to its networks


Samuli Kuusisto has, according to his own words, always worked in the metal sector. At Uwira he started working some 10 years ago. “When you have been following this sector for this long, you see how much the metal sector is developing and evolving.” What is the direction for development? We asked the expert with steel hard experience to tell us where the metal sector in the Vaasa region is headed.

The power of networks

“No one can make it on their own. Metal sector is a pillar alongside with other industries. If one part is missing, it affects the entirety. Everyone should understand that your own development helps the entire network to improve. During the 10 years I have seen how much you need to improve your operations in order to keep up with the competition. What is absolutely great at Uwira is that we develop the company and our practices together with our network of subcontractors.”

For the customer, together with the customer

“Doing together and improving together are the keywords. You need to improve your activities and supply on your customer’s terms, meeting the needs of your customer. That means small steps every day – cost effectiveness, flexibility, and productivity. What the network can do for your customer is most important. That is something you cannot accomplish alone, but together, by improving together.”

Local and international

“All of our products go to the international markets. A very small part of them stays in Finland. I’d say that international business is easier here than in a lot of other places. That is why we are in Vaasa and will continue to stay here. I find that the Vaasa area possesses a lot of competencies of different kinds as well as great opportunities for building networks. This place really has a brilliant drive.”