New ways of thinking emerge in the construction sector


Ari Tyynismaa, the founder and director of the WasaGroup, always says that change is the only constant thing in life. He tells that the pace of construction of buildings in the Vaasa region is strong at the moment. The energy cluster ensures that the real estate and construction group that operates nationally has enough work in its home region as well. We asked Ari to tell us what the future of construction business is built on.


“You could say that WasaGroup was built by the industry. Our core mission is to continuously develop our services in accordance with the needs of the market and our clients. That is why our services cover everything from planning to sales. At the moment we are the only actor in Finland that is able to offer customized solutions during the life cycle of a real estate project. Since the building is a part of the customer’s production process, I believe that planning and implementation of a project demand adaptability and understanding of the customer’s activities.”


“Our way of working in the construction sector is very exceptional due to our unique real estate development fund that enables the financing of real estate development projects. It is also an easy and productive way of investing in real estate. There is a wide interest in this matter and many large actors – the sports store XXL, the electronics giant Power and the discount chain Tokmanni to name a few – decided to build premises in Vaasa using our fund. It is a clear trend that industrial actors now wish to invest in their own productions. Different kinds of energy solutions are growing in popularity. In addition to geothermal heating, renewable energy such as solar panels becomes more common.”


“Vaasa region is a constantly evolving and growing international region with a wonderful sea-side location. I believe that our positive microclimate for entrepreneurship creates a platform for growth thanks to the flourishing innovativeness in companies both large and small. People and companies are curious and want to constantly search for new alternatives and opportunities. Our unemployment rate is the lowest in Finland, which is a sign of a strong business life and that people are doing well. I have to constantly hire more experts and enthusiastic workers to conduct our customers’ construction projects.”