Goals and strengths

The Consortium strives to

  • increase the interaction, information flow, collaboration and distribution of work between schools of higher education
  • broaden, expand and improve the operational quality at schools of higher education
  • promote higher education in the region
  • develop education and research activities according to regional needs

These goals can be met through common projects and standpoints. Since 2009 the Consortium’s schools have also cooperated through the JOO-agreement. Read more about JOO-studies.

The Consortium of Higher Education in Vaasa is multidisciplinary and genuinely multilingual. This enables knowledge to be gathered from different areas of research and science, thus creating imaginative and unique solutions.

Operational model

The Principal’s Meeting is the highest deciding authority of the Consortium. It can give tasks to the underlying groups, but the decision of project participation is left to each educational unit.

The Consortium Planner works in close cooperation with the Consortium Chair by preparing matters and sharing information to different actors in the Consortium. The planner also takes part in team meetings.
The ordinary teams ambitiously realise the Consortium’s goals with a long-term perspective. When needed, the Consortium can also create temporary project groups.