Flexible study right (JOO)

According to the so-called JOO-agreement, schools of higher education in Vaasa offer a flexible study right. The goal is to expand the study selection of each school (home university) by expanding the choices and supporting the study progress.

A student with the right to complete a first degree or supplementary exam can, according to the JOO-agreement, expand his/her education through studies at other agreement universities in Vaasa. The agreement also includes exchange students.

JOO-studies are free of charge. To be able to apply for a flexible study right and study at another agreement university, the student must be registered as present at his/her home institution.

The JOO-agreement

The JOO-agreement includes universities, universities of applied sciences and other units of higher education in Vaasa (University of Vaasa, Åbo Akademi, Hanken, VAMK, Novia, University of Helsinki / Vaasa Unit of Legal Studies).

According to the agreement, a student with the right to complete a first degree or supplementary exam at an agreement university can apply for temporary study right at another agreement university. This is only possible for students who are registered as present at one of the higher educational units in Vaasa.

The agreeing parts will not invoice each other for neither JOO-studies that have been completed within the Consortium, nor administrational or tutoring costs. JOO-studies must be a planned part of the studies. The student must also be endorsed by his/her home university and have the right to study at the target university. In any case, the study right is granted depending on the target university’s abilities to accept students from other schools.

The Consortium’s schools will start using a joint application form that can be found under “Flexible study right” on the Consortium website. University of Vaasa, Hanken, Åbo Akademi and University of Helsinki will continue using the JOOPAS e-service.