Work groups


Linguavaasa is a co-operation group for language teaching within the Vaasa Higher Education Consortium. The objective of the group is to develop and advance co-operation between the units of higher education in Vaasa in language and communication teaching. The group arranges several joint language courses for the university students in Vaasa.

Further information about the courses is available at:

The group also arranges a training day for the language teachers within the Consortium with the purpose to advance the teacher’s professional development and networking. The group also maintains a web site for self-study of languages. The web site is available for all university students in Vaasa.




The Communications Coordinators at the universities and universities of applied sciences co-operate with the Communications Unit in the city of Vaasa, with the Vaasa Region Development Company (VASEK), and with the Student Advisors at the universities and universities of applied sciences.

The aim of the co-operation is to

  • improve communication between the consortium units
  • increase the knowledge of our universities and universities of applied sciences
  • develop the image of the city of Vaasa as a university city
  • increase the attraction of the universities and universities of applied sciences among potential students in Finland and abroad
  • give a coherent message about the universities and universities of applied sciences in Vaasa

More information: coninfo(at)



The International Coordinators at the universities in Vaasa form the working team WasaUnitEd. The purpose of this group is to coordinate and develop collaboration within international affairs at the universities. Through common activities the group aims at creating synergy effects and forming a platform for discussions.

You can contact the International Coordinators on wasaunited(at)