Helsinki University, Faculty of Law

_LL_20130904_juridiska_6366_760x760The education that the Faculty of Law of Helsinki University provides in Vaasa is bilingual. Both Finnish- and Swedish-speaking students are attending the same lessons. Degree languages are Finnish and Swedish. Teaching languages are Finnish, Swedish and English.

Here in Vaasa you can complete the Finnish Bachelor of Laws degree (180 ECTS) and also the Finnish Master of Laws degree (120 ECTS). The students are chosen to Vaasa in their own quota in the selection of students to the Faculty of Law at University of Helsinki.

In Vaasa you have a chance to obtain a bilingual degree by completing at least 60 ECTS of your Bachelor’s degree (180 ECTS) in Finnish and at least 60 ECTS in Swedish. The remaining 60 ECTS you can choose to complete either in Finnish or in Swedish. The objective of the bilingual degree is to enable graduates to work in both languages.

HY__LG02_oikeuP_3L_B1___WEBThe strength of the Vaasa Unit of Legal Studies is lies in the small student groups, which allow the use of diverse teaching methods and uphold functional connections to the practical working life.