Novia University of Applied Sciences

The Novia University of Applied Sciences is a technical college with 4,000 students and 360 staff members. Novia has two campuses in Vaasa and one in Jakobstad, and offers daytime and multiform degree programmes, degree programmes taught in English and specialisation studies. At Novia’s campuses in Vaasa, you can study technology, business administration, culture and social services and health care.

Social Services and Health Care Studies


Social services and health care students take classes in the Seriegatan Campus in Vaasa, which serves about 740 students every day. Students in this field acquire the skills they will need in their working lives by taking practical training at Vaasa Central Hospital, the region’s health centres and various service units for the social sector.

New Campus in Vaasa’s Palosaari District in 2016

Novia and the Vaasa University of Applied Sciences are increasing their cooperation and developing applied research in the Medibothnia project and the training they offer in social services and health care. In future, the collaboration between these two Finnish and Swedish speaking universities will not only provide modern facilities, but also opportunities for joint teaching and a teacher exchange programme. This will benefit in particular students who want to work in the bilingual working communities of the Vaasa region. The Novia campus in Vaasa’s Huutoniemi district will be moved to the Palosaari campus in 2016. This means that students of social services and health care will be studying next door to Novia’s Faculties of Technology and Business Studies.

Novia’s degree programmes (taught in Swedish) in the field of social services and health care produce Bachelors of Bioanalysis, Beauty Care, Midwifery, Radiography, Health Care and Social Services. In addition, Novia offers a Nursing Degree Programme in English.

The Wolffskavägen Campus in Vaasa


Novia provides technology and business studies at the Wolffskavägen Campus in Vaasa. This campus serves about 1,000 students, or a quarter of the total number of students at Novia.

The engineers graduating from the Wolffskavägen Campus can choose to specialise in automation, mechanical engineering, surveying, construction, electricity or industrial management. Its Faculty of Business Studies produces Bachelors of Business Administration. The Faculty of Technology also provides the Energy and Environmental Engineering Degree Programme taught in English.

The Wolffskavägen Campus is located in the district of Brändö (Palosaari in Finnish) in Vaasa. Its technology students put their learning into practice at the state-of-the-art Technobothnia research laboratory.

New Campus for Culture in Jakobstad – Campus Allegro


Campus Allegro’s new building serves more than 250 Novia students. Allegro’s new facilities are designed with the students’ needs in mind, resulting in easily accessible computers, a dedicated computer room and photo and music studios. The open-plan facilities make meeting students and teachers easy. Our target is to give the cultural education provided by Novia in Jakobstad a strong profile and a steady foothold among Swedish-speaking Finns and to build Campus Allegro into an