Study programmes

_MG_9524_300x300After high school you can finally start studying what you like. Take the chance and start dreaming: one of the universities in Vaasa can open the door to your dream career.

When choosing a study programme, remember to think about where it leads you in the future. People that have graduated from the universities in Vaasa end up in different positions especially within the field of business, technology, law and health. Choose the field you are interested in and find out what the universities in Vaasa have to offer you.

In Vaasa you can study in three languages: Finnish, Swedish and English. There are plenty of alternatives to choose from. Good luck and welcome to Vaasa that is one of the biggest university cities in Finland. You will not be alone here: in the city you can find 13 000 peers and on the other side of the sea, only 80 km away in Umeå, you can find 80 000 more!