logooffset_pieniThe Culture Campus in Jakobstad – Campus Allegro

At Campus Allegro in Jakobstad, Novia offers training in fine arts, design, media culture/photography and music. The campus has more than 250 students and the new premises have been specifically designed with the students’ needs in mind, resulting in easily accessible computers, dedicated computer rooms and photography and music studios.

Novia’s art and music programmes work in close cooperation with the YA! Vocational College of Ostrobothnia and the JakobstadMusic Academy (Jakobstadsnejdens musikinstitut) and their art and music programmes.

Performing Arts Studies in Vaasa in the Barracks Area

The culturally and historically valuable barracks area in the centre of Vaasa is being developed into a cultural centre. This is where Novia’s performing arts studies take place. This intimate, flexible environment, conducive to the development of students’ individuality, is located close to the city’s two professional theatres and the facilities where the City offers extra-curricular drama education for children and young people.

Novia’s pedagogic strategy is founded on the belief that students will learn best and be most motivated when they can build their skills and knowledge on their previous experiences. Everything that the students do, experience or think affects their learning.Individual student counselling is extremely important for students’ success. Novia’s cultural studies also emphasise the traditional master-apprentice concept. Regardless of what they study, Novia’sstudents have wonderful opportunities to be taught by skilful masters and to learn from their working methods.

Galleri Gro and the Schauman Hall at Campus Allegro are excellent places for professionals and students to meet. The acoustics of the Schauman Hall are among the best in the country,and it is equipped with outstanding sound and audiovisualtechnology, a recording studio and recording equipment*.Together with workshops, studios and guest accommodation, Galleri Gro makes an excellent environment for exhibitions, learning and “Artist in Residence” activities. These facilities make this small town a market place for great art where travelling masters, Novia students and the region’s residents can meet to create and enjoy their shared passion: art.

In Vaasa, the proximity of two professional theatres creates a similar forum for professionals and students to meet.