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Ensisijainen logo_fi-eng_RGBAt the University of Vaasa, the law is analysed from the perspectives of public law and business law.

Public law handles legal questions related to public administration, with a focus on state and municipal decision-making and procedures. The main focus is on administrative law, fundamental rights and human rights, but social justice and municipal law are also factors. Job titles may include Municipal or City Mayor, Administrative Manager, Head of Department, Human Resources Director, Procurement Manager and Senior Officer.

Business law approaches law from the perspective of companies. The focus of attention is not dispute resolution in court. Instead, attention is paid to business financial planning by utilising legislation. Studies emphasise contract planning, the legal planning of power and responsibility in a company’s organisation and tax planning. As a Master of Economic Sciences specialising in business law you will be a legal or tax economist, whose services will be in high demand in the business world, as well as in state and municipal administration. You may be employed as a company’s Managing Director, an Administrative or Human Resources Manager, a Finance Manager, a Compliance Officer, a Finance Director or a Business Controller.

Helsinki University, Faculty of Law

HY__LG02_oikeuP_3L_B1___WEBAre you interested in law professions? Have you always dreamt of becoming a judge, prosecutor or making a career as an international business lawyer? You can study to become a lawyer in Vaasa Unit of Legal Studies which is part of the Faculty of Law of Helsinki University.

Studies in law open doors to a wide range of professions. Lawyers are drafting contracts, resolving disputes, working in courts, participating in administration and taking part in legislative work. Lawyers are needed in different kinds of important tasks in the state and the municipalities and also in the private sector for example in law firms, in business and in different organizations. More and more lawyers work also in one way or another in an international environment. Many assignments require skills like expressing yourself precisely, the ability to cooperate with others and practical language proficiencies.

In Vaasa we invest in bilinguality. Here you have a chance to obtain a bilingual degree by completing at least 60 ECTS of your Bachelor’s degree (180 ECTS) in Finnish and at least 60 ECTS in Swedish. The remaining 60 ECTS you can choose to complete either in Finnish or Swedish. The objective of the bilingual degree is to enable graduates to work in both languages.

Since our student groups are small, it is possible to profit from diverse teaching methods and uphold functional connections to the practical working life.

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