Social and health sector

Åbo Akademi

aalogobasic4cÅbo Akademi University offers studies in social sciences at the campus in Vasa within Social Policy and Developmental Psychology. The degree programmes are given in Swedish language.

Social Policy studies issues and problems related to well-being, health and social security. It also refers to certain (political) activities seeking to ensure people a basic level of well-being and a statutory protection against various social risks such as illness or unemployment.

At the Department of Social Sciences, the subject of Social Policy concentrates mainly on social change, migration, poverty, welfare state change, wellbeing and health among different groups such as youth, children, people with disabilities and older people.

Studies in Developmental Psychology convey knowledge of how humans develop over the life course, the behavioral patterns that are typical during different life stages, and the factors that affect development. Since human development is most rapid during childhood and adolescence, there is an emphasis on these periods. Human development in adulthood also is considered as is the individual’s ability to cope with life crises. The programme aims to train students in problem-solving skills, information retrieval and analysis, and scientific thinking.

University of Vaasa

Ensisijainen logo_fi-eng_RGBYou can select social and health management as the major subject for your Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in administrative sciences. Social and welfare administration focuses on Finnish society from the perspective of welfare systems and services. The studies have four main themes: leadership, the complexity of the welfare society, organisational activities and public participation.

As a graduate with a Bachelor’s degree, the objective is that you will understand the content and practices in the social and welfare sector as a whole. Master’s studies in social and welfare administration focus on developing analytics and creative skills so as to ensure that you are qualified to work in demanding expert roles in the social and welfare sector.

When you have completed your Master’s studies in social and welfare administration, you can find work in expert roles in the social and welfare sector, as well as in other public, private and voluntary sector organisations. Job titles include Basic Social Security Director, Operations Director, Human Resources Manager, Development Manager and Senior Nursing Officer.


logooffset_pieniStudents who have decided to invest in an education in social services and health care study at the Seriegatan Campus in Vaasa.This campus for 740 people is located in the Roparnäs district (Huutoniemi in Finnish) about five kilometres from the city centre. Students of social services and health care can carry outtheir practical training at the Vaasa Central Hospital, the region’s health centres and various service units within social welfare departments, providing them with the skills and experiences they will need in their careers.

Novia’s pedagogic strategy is founded on the belief that students will learn best and be most motivated when they can build their skills and knowledge on their previous experiences. Novia’s way of teaching is based on constructivist pedagogy, meaning that students actively take responsibility for their own learning processes with support from teachers and counsellors.

Studies have been planned so that if students follow the pre-planned rhythm for their studies, they will graduate within the designated time.

Student counselling is designed to support learning at different stages of study. The campus’s study coordinator guides students in planning their studies and also offers individual counselling. The purpose of the counselling is to prevent problems and to help students to plan their studies so that they will achieve the best possible results.

VAMK – Welfare for Everyday Life

VAMK_logo_va¦êri_posit_cmyk_SAt VAMK you can study to become an expert in health and welfare. We educate cooperative, professional, and multilingual Bachelors of Social Services and Health Care for the needs of public organisations, companies and associations. People already having prior work experience can do postgraduate studies at VAMK: we offer a Professional Master’s degree in Management within Health Care and continuing training that strengthens professional skill.

Diverse teaching methods such as e-learning, simulation, and digital storytelling are used. The Vaasa region’s international and multilingual needs are especially acknowledged in our Degree Programmes. Our close cooperation with the operators of social and health care ensures our students interesting practical training positions and topics for thesis and project assignments. Our students have excellent possibilities to already during the studies, broadly get to know working life and get diverse practical experience.

In the future VAMK’s social and health care students will study together with Swedish-speaking students of Novia University of Applied Sciences. New and modern premises will be built on the Palosaari campus, where the higher education institutions of Vaasa are located. In the new premises our students can naturally study bilingually together with the Swedish-speaking students.