Top level energy technology


In 1998, when Nokia was hiring all available engineers, it was a real coincidence that Juha Arvola ended up working in the energy cluster in Vaasa. During the years, he became familiar with the large companies in Vaasa before becoming one of the founders of Arcteq in 2010. Today, he would not leave Vaasa for anything. We asked Juha to tell us why so many energy technology companies enjoy the region so much.  


“There would be no Arcteq without all these great things in Vaasa. We wouldn’t have started developing protection relays out of nothing. Here we have the Technobothnia Education and Research Centre as well as the university and the university of applied sciences offering top-quality electrical engineering as our neighbors. We cooperate with Technobothnia almost on a weekly basis on research, education and product development. It offers great advantages especially for smaller companies.”


“Behind every innovation there is someone. An innovation requires that two or three persons see an opportunity and work to make it happen. The mix of large and small businesses of different kinds in the Vaasa region creates a unique starting point. In order for the small ones to be able to innovate, we need large engines, but this does not by any means force the region to rely on one large or small business only.”


“There are products in the global markets that have been developed through cooperation but in Finland they are still all too rare. For some reason, small companies see it as threshold to join their efforts but here in Vaasa it’s different. Everyone of course concentrates on their own work but we also have a lot of cooperation. Together with VEO we have for example developed a product, Generator Commander, that wraps up protection, steering and measuring in one appliance in a unique way. This got started from good cooperation and from the fact that combining the two companies’ different competencies felt like the best solution.

Being local

For us it has been natural to keep our production in Finland for many reasons. We are here and will stay here; the increasing competition has never made us want to go elsewhere. And it is in no way negative to be “Made in Finland”. Vaasa is known in the energy sector circles as a sea side town that is active and has the energy for development. This is a good place to come to, to the sea.