Vaasa took the lead

Joonas Hynönen went to Helsinki just to return back.

Joonas Hyno¦ênen 2A few years ago we moved to Vaasa when my wife got offered a job here. I started my studies at the Vaasa Polytechnic and our plan was to move back to the capital city after I finished my studies.

Now we have bought a house of our own about 10 km from the city centre. My wife is from Lisbon and she has started to feel like home here – to her own surprise.

My job at VEO is super. We have a very open atmosphere and everybody is welcome to share their ideas no matter what their position or title is. I also like the fact that the job is very international; we communicate with our customers mainly in English. In projects the work load varies which makes it easier to find a balance between work and leisure.

In general Vaasa is a fantastic place for an electric engineer because here you can find a great variety of employing companies. I got to experience working life during my studies and I think that the studies offered a perfect mix of theory and practice.